The Racial Wealth Divide Holds Back Black Earners at All Levels

By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad | Source: Alternet

It’s no secret that there’s a vast divide between the economic fortunes of black and white Americans. A new paper by the Equality of Opportunity Project attempts to shine a new light on just how hard that gap is to close. The study looked at the diverging fortunes of black and white men, and boys in particular. It found that even black men with affluent upbringings often fared worse than white men who grew up poorer.

As a splashy New York Times headline put it, the “Sons of Rich Black Families Fare No Better Than Sons of Working Class Whites.” The paper’s coverage noted pointedly that “broad income disparities still exist between black and white men even when they’re raised in homes with the same incomes and the same family structure.”

Full article at Alternet

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