The Racist Fixation on the ‘White Working Class’

By Hamilton Nolan | Splinter News

A rule of thumb that is pretty useful: Any political figure who says that they want to help the “white working class” is much more interested in helping white people than in helping the working class.

Ever since Donald Trump swept into power with the help of some people from Wisconsin and West Virginia, there has been a grand national obsession with the political implications of the “white working class.” On a strictly rational basis, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. “Working class” in this context is used as a proxy for “lower-income people with jobs.” In fact, lower income Americans voted strongly in favor of Hillary Clinton. The two factors that correlated most strongly with voting for Trump were being white and having low levels of formal education. It would make more sense for the post-election fascination to have been with “ignorant white people.” Or—to more accurately capture the full demographic range of Trump voters—“racists.”

Full article at Splinter News

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