The Smithsonian Needs Your Help to Make Hip-Hop History!

Source: Smithsonian Insider

“Hip-Hop helps us to understand the power of black music & the impact of African American culture on the world.” -Lonnie G. Bunch III, Founding Director

Hip Hop is the culture that redefined American music, that’s why we’ve partnered with Smithsonian Folkways to bring a piece of what the museum does straight into households around the nation and world. The Smithsonian Anthology of Hip-Hop and Rap is a box set including 9 CDs with approximately 130 tracks, and a 300-page, coffee-table book with essays and never-before-seen photographs and designs by Cey Adams, artist and founding creative director of Def Jam.

The Anthology captures the evolution of Hip-Hop from its earliest days in the 70s up to artists of today. Through the chosen tracks, essays, and extensive liner notes, the Anthology reveals the many trends, social and political implications of this multifaceted genre, and its influence on popular culture.

Help us preserve Hip-Hop History today!

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