These 10 Foods Actually Reverse Cellular Aging, According To Science

By Naomi Whittel | MBG Food

It’s possible to actually eat your way to longevity through a biological process called autophagy. The name comes from two Greek words—auto meaning “self” and phagy meaning “to eat.” Essentially, autophagy means self-eating. While that might not sound very appealing, it is extremely beneficial. My simple explanation: Autophagy allows your cells to eat away damage, keeping you healthy. But as we get older, it becomes less efficient and damage accumulates. That buildup eventually slows down cell function and in turn can lead to a sluggish metabolism, decreased collagen and elastin production, and other diminished performance.

The good news—you can get your cells to self-cannibalize again! Yes, I know how odd that sounds, but it’s much easier and more enjoyable than you might think. All you have to do is eat! There are compounds in certain foods that aid in autophagy. And the best part: They are probably already in your kitchen! Here are my top 10 foods for looking and feeling way younger:

1. Chocolate

This autophagy-activating polyphenol regulates life span and your metabolism. It can also protect against free radical destruction, increase fat breakdown, and help stave off hunger. Look for chocolate with at least 70 percent “cocoa solids” on the label as these generally have more polyphenols than ones with lower percentages, according to a study in the Journal of Functional Foods.

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