This Is Why You Snack When You’re Bored

By AC Shilton | TONIC

Every day, when I’ve done all the fun work stuff and only have the crappy tasks left, I find myself walking to the kitchen and foraging for snacks.

Chances are, you do too: Eating your way out of the blahs appears to be pretty common—for instance, google it and you’ll find that every women’s magazine has written about how to stop the practice dozens of times. But why we do it is trickier to answer. “I’m not aware of research that has specifically looked at the mechanism that causes people to eat when they’re bored,” says Stephan Guyenet, a neuroscientist and the author of The Hungry Brain. Based off of what we know about our brain’s relationship to food, however, extrapolating isn’t too difficult, Guyenet says.

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