This NBA star didn’t want his transgender sister at his games. Then he lost her.


By Robbie Couch | Source: Upworthy | Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

NBA star Reggie Bullock struggles with a big regret.

When he was younger, Bullock didn’t want his sister, Mia Henderson, to go to his basketball games. Henderson was transgender — and Bullock was ashamed.

“I always thought about what my teammates would think or what people would think,” Bullock, who now plays for the Detroit Pistons, explained in a heart-wrenching video shared by his team’s Twitter account. “That was probably one of the stupidest things, but I just didn’t know so much about [being transgender], and I wasn’t as comfortable with it.”

Henderson was murdered in 2014. She never got to see him play in college.

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