Thousands of jubilant Eagles fans swarmed streets to celebrate shock Super Bowl victory


Thousands of fans took to the streets of Philadelphia as they celebrated the Eagles’ first ever Super Bowl championship – but the joy quickly descended into mayhem.

Passionate supporters lit fires, flipped a car, smashed shop windows and clambered up traffic poles after their team defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 in dramatic fashion at U.S. Bank Field in Minneapolis.

At one point a hotel awning at the city’s Ritz-Carlton collapsed under the weight of fans while the windows at the Macy’s near City Hall and a T-Mobile were smashed as celebrations got out of hand.

Fans pass a destroyed hotel canopy in Center City after the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl on February 5, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Eagles fans took to the streets to celebrate the team's victory over the New England Patriots and to rejoice in the Eagles' first ever Super Bowl championship

'F**k that grease,' the fans reportedly chanted as the daredevils climbed the light poles in downtown Philadelphi

A fan jumped down from the awning of the Ritz-Carlton hotel trusting that others would catch him

A homeless man in Philadelphia takes part in the Super Bowl celebrations on Sunday 

Fans piled into the streets across the City of Brotherly Love, from Center City to Northeast Philly – marching, jumping and screaming in utter chaos.

The raucous scenes followed the Eagles’ stunning victory over the defending champion New England Patriots in the NFL’s championship showpiece.

The triumph marked the first time a Philadelphia team had won a championship since the Phillies won the World Series in 2008 – when street celebrations devolved into looting and vandalism and more than 70 people were arrested.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said Monday morning that just three people were arrested in the Super Bowl celebrations.

‘Tens of thousands came out and celebrated this amazing victory last night, and but for a handful of bad actors the celebration was peaceful and jubilant. there were only three arrests. We’re thankful for our PPD for their assistance in getting the crowds dispersed and people home safely,’ the statement read.

In a city of 1.5 million, it seemed as if there were 1.5 million revelers as thousands poured into the streets

Eagles fans piled onto the top of sanitation trucks in their celebration with one truck having 'F**K TOM BRADY' spray-painted on the side

Fans daubed offensive messages on a truck as they caused mayhem in the city on Sunday night following the Super Bowl win

Philadephia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (pictured) celebrates after winning Super Bowl LII and being named Super Bowl MVP

Earlier in the celebrations, the Philadelphia Police Department released a statement saying there had been multiple injuries but no fatalities.

‘We have had several acts of vandalism where windows have been smashed, and some injuries have been reported around light poles that have been pulled down,’ the statement read. ‘We have one report of looting at a gas station. There have been no fatalities.’

Local television station CBS3 reported that two poles in Center City had been toppled, leaving one person seriously injured.

Police had greased lamp posts and traffic light poles across the city with slippery hydraulic fluid earlier in the day in a bid to discourage climbers.

Before the games, officers who declined to give their names, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that about 100 poles up and down Broad Street were being greased to deter revelers from climbing them.

They dubbed themselves the ‘Pole Patrol’ rather than the earlier ‘Crisco Cops’ that applied shortening that failed to stop some fans after the NFC championship victory.

But the Philadelphia Inquirer, on its website, reported that numerous poles had been brought down and lights damaged.

‘F**k that grease,’ the fans reportedly chanted as the daredevils climbed.

Many of them were seen chugging beers as they got to the top. At one point the fans got so out of control they pulled down a light pole.

The newspaper said windows were smashed at a Macy’s department store near City Hall, where people were spotted carrying away parts of window display mannequins.

Fans celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles' victory in Super Bowl LII game against the New England Patriots on February 5, 2018 in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles fans climb a gate outside City Hall as fans celebrate the team's victory in the NFL Super Bowl on Sunday

A fans reacts to Super Bowl LII by climbing a trash truck on Walnut Street near City Hall on February 4, 2018 in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

People break a traffic light while celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles' victory in Super Bowl LII game against the New England Patriots on February 4, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Police response: Police with riot shields stood on guard as wild celebrations threatened to spiral out of control in Philidelphia

Fans sit down by a broken traffic light after a night of wild celebrations through the streets of Philadelphia in the wake of Eagles' sensational victory

A group of male fans were seen carrying a broken pole down the street as fans celebrated victory over the Patriots on Sunday

Climbers were also seen scaling the City Hall gates – while police moved in after a group vandalized a gas station.

Philadelphia police officers stood guard as revelers poured into the streets in unprecedented numbers.

They retweeted a message from Boston police saying: ‘From the men and women of @bostonpolice to our brother and sister officers of @PhillyPolice: “Congratulations to you and your city. Please be safe out there”‘.

In South Philadelphia, fans started chanting ‘Free Bud Light,’ after the beer manufacturer made a bet with Lane Johnson that if the Eagles won the Super Bowl, they’d give free beer to the city, according to CBS Philly.

The streets of the city were also filled with Eagles fans chanting ‘F**k Tom Brady’ in reference to the Patriots quarterback and ‘Big d**k Nick’ in honor of Philly quarterback Nick Foles.

Destruction seemed to follow fans wherever they went. Fans also took to lighting up scraps of metal in the streets on fire.

Two fans embrace on the street as wild celebrations broke out at the end of the titanic Super Bowl victory on Sunday

Supporters clambered on top of any structure they could find as they celebrated their teams incredible Super Bowl victory 

However, more concerning than the small bonfires were the trust falls that sprung up around the city.

A video made the rounds on social media a man perched atop a Ritz-Carlton hotel awning falling into the crowd from a height, trusting he would be caught.

In another video, fans scaled the same awning of the Ritz-Carlton hotel only to have it collapse under them due to their combined weight.

And in a turn for the disgusting, cameras captured one daring Eagles fan eating horse excrement.

Philadelphia police officers stood guard as revelers poured into the streets in unprecedented numbers (Pictured, Philadelphia police officers stand guard near city hall waiting for Eagles fans at the end of Super Bowl LII)

Police, some on horseback, had earlier been called in as huge crowds descended on the streets. One fan was later seen eating horse excrement as jubilant crowds cheered him on.

Thousands of Philadelphia Eagles fans marched on the streets of the city of Brotherly Love following the dramatic victory

Eagles fans react to Super Bowl LII on Broad Street near City Hall on February 4, 2018 in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the favored New England Patriots winning their first Super Bowl championship 41-33


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