3-year-old SC boy shoots self dead on mother’s bed where she was watching TV inches away

A three-year-old boy shot himself dead while sitting just inches away from his mother at home.

Savion Barrow found a loaded pistol and inadvertently fired it at himself as he sat on a bed at home in Rockville, South Carolina.

The first his mother knew of the killing, which happened in her room, was the sound of a gunshot, according to police. She was watching television at the time.

Savion shot himself on Sunday. He was rushed to hospital but immediately pronounced dead.

A police spokesman told NBC News: ‘She turned around, and there he was on the bed with the gun’.

The mother, who was not named, as well as the boy’s father, who was not home, could face charges of child neglect for leaving Savion in a position to get hold of a loaded gun.

Three other women were in the house at the time, as well as Savion’s 10-year-old sister.

Describing the aftermath to local station WBTV, neighbor Mario Barnes said: ‘My kids are gonna miss him, they used to play together. It’s just a hard feeling to swallow.’

He said he saw the boy’s father dash home after hearing the news. He said: ‘He comes shooting past me on a motorcyle, didn’t give it a chance to stop or nothing, just dropped it, ran up and police wouldn’t let him in…’

Police said that they know who owns the gun Savion shot himself with, but refused to release the information.

Officers have also carried out toxicology tests on Savion’s mother to see whether any substances were impairing her at the time.

Source: DailyMail

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