Three-year-old girl dies after she and sister thrown into pond by father trying to drown them

A three-year-old girl has died three days after she was was thrown into a pond alongside her sister as their father allegedly tried to drown them.

The girl was pulled from a 6ft deep pond in the middle of an apartment complex on Sunday night after her father allegedly tried to kill her and her sister, five, to combat his ‘pedophile’ sexual urges.

That man, Alan Tysheen Eugene Lassiter, 29, from Durham County, North Carolina, is currently in jail on a $2.25million bond after police say he confessed to trying to kill the girls during a 911 call.

He is charged with three counts of attempted murder, one each for the girls and a third for his seven-year-old son, who managed to escape.

Following the girl’s death today, it is likely that one of those charges will now be changed to murder.

The tragic incident began on Sunday night when Lassiter called police to confess to loading his children into an SUV and driving them into the water because CPS ‘wanted to take them away.

In a hysterical recorded call, between expletives and sobbing, Lassiter told cops: ‘I just drowned my two daughters in the lake back there’, he said.

‘All I did was try to go get help. Instead, they [CPS] turned their back on me, the whole system, and tried to take my kids.’

‘Y’all take this and learn from me. When somebody asks for help, really help them, OK? Because y’all didn’t help me,’ he said.

‘You blame CPS for this. They’re trying to take people’s kids over dumb (expletive), and this is what you get! All I wanted was help … They wasn’t there for me. Nobody was there for me … Nobody helped me.’

In a disturbing twist, he then added: ‘I was dealing with some pedophilia things, OK, OK. I was dealing with some sexual desires that I was trying to get some help with.’

Off-duty cop David Earp, who often patrols the apartment complex where Lassiter tried to drown his daughters, then tried to save the girls after he heard they were in the pond.

He said he found the seven-year-old floating in the water crying and managed to get her out, before going back underwater to try and find her sister who was submerged.

Earp, 26, recounted how he finally pulled the girl from the water before performing CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene.

Both children were taken to hospital, where the three-year-old was reported to be in critical condition, while the seven-year-old was in ‘good’ condition.

During the daring rescue, Earp said he saw Lassiter standing by the lake smoking a cigarette, showing little emotion.

Only when both girls were out of the water did Lassiter reportedly break down, shouting: ‘What have I done?’

Police and the CPS have no revealed whether the family was subjected to checks, or whether it was planning to intervene to help the children.

Lassiter is still in police custody and is expected to appear in court next month.

Source: The DailyMail

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