Topless maid nearly decapitates former cop, repeatedly hit him with shot gun, sawed at neck

A topless maid has been convicted of killing her elderly client by repeatedly hitting him a shotgun until it broke and then almost sawing off his head with a knife.

Centia Renee Martin, 36, was sentenced to 35 years to life for the brutal crime after a jury found her guilty of killing the 74-year-old retired police officer.

The jury took four hours to decide the verdict, following a 21-day long trial in which she attempted to represent herself.

Steven Gates, deputy district attorney, said retired officer Robert Crigler originally hired her as a topless maid and masseuse on January 10.

However, at some point during the the next three days, the maid bludgeoned the former Redondo Beach Swat team member to death with a shotgun.

She also nearly decapitated him by sawing at his neck with a knife during the attack inside his Inglewood, LA, home.

Prosecutors claimed the killing occurred sometime between January 10, when Crigler hired Martin, and January 13, when police found his body inside his home.

Evidence presented at trial included video surveillance footage and forensic evidence that tied Martin to the crime.

An obituary published by the LA Times in early February stated Crigler had also been a naval reservist, a civil air patrol pilot and he had owned his own real estate company.

Topless maid services have long been popular within LA, and there are a large number of companies offering both topless maids and waiters for a hefty price.

In May, a self-confessed ‘voyeur’ pensioner made headlines for his local paper ad seeking a £20-an-hour nude cleaner.

The 69-year-old from Bristol asked for a woman to wash the dishes and dust and tidy his home naked, for which they would recieve above the market rate.

Quoted only by his first name John, the divorcee said he enjoyed getting to know the women and slammed ‘left-wing feminists with nothing else to say’ who have criticised his adverts.

He said: ‘I’m not doing anything illegal. I’m not harming anyone. I’m a voyeur, in the truest sense of the word.

‘If I was a pervert, I would use an escort agency. If I wanted sex, I would go to a red light district.

‘Often they say to me after their first shift: “That was not as bad as I thought it would be”. I get to know them and become friends.’

Source: The DailyMail

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