Transgender ‘toxic tush doctor’ who injected women with superglue, tire sealant, bond set at $40K

A transgender women who allegedly performed illegal cosmetic surgery on women’s buttocks will likely remain in jail until her trial – as a judge set her bond at more than $40,000 on Friday.

Oneal Ron Morris, 33, is accused of leaving women ill and disfigured after injecting them with a mixture of toxic substances, including super glue, Fix-A-Flat and cement, at homes across Florida.

In addition to multiple counts of practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury, she is also facing a manslaughter charge after one of her ‘patients’ died following surgery.

The victim, Shatarka Nuby, passed away from acute and chronic respiratory failure reportedly caused by the silicone used in the procedure while serving time in a Tallahassee prison in 2012.

On Friday morning, Morris appeared in court for her bond hearing, donning prison overalls and with her previously long hair cut short. She appealed for a low bond, claiming she was not a flight risk.

However, Broward Circuit Judge Michael Rothschild refused her request and instead, set her bond at $40,000, an amount Morris had indicated she would not be able to pay, CBS Miami reported.

This means she will likely remain in Broward Main Jail until her trial, for which an exact date is yet to be finalized. She could face up to 100 years in prison if she is convicted of manslaughter.

It comes more than a year after Morris, known as ‘The Duchess’, finished serving a prison stint for a previous conviction in Miami-Dade for one count of practicing health care without a licence.

She was sentenced to 336 days after pleading guilty to the charge as part of a plea deal. She began serving time on January 7, 2014, with the seven charges she is currently facing hanging over her.

In November 2014, the convict was extradited to the jail at which she is currently being held.

Morris, who was born a man but identifies as a woman, was first arrested by police on November 18, 2011, after a ‘patient’ came forward claiming she had entered a toxic concoction into her backside.

She was freed but later rearrested after a second person told police they had been illegally treated by Morris and her associate, Corey Eubank, Miami Gardens Police said.

Eubank, who pleaded guilty culpable negligence for his role in the surgery, was handed one year’s probation at the time.

The accusations against Morris escalated following Nuby’s death, with an assistant medical examiner determining that she died of ‘massive systemic silicone migration’ as a result of cosmetic injections.

Shockingly, the injections, allegedly given to the victim by Morris – who earned herself the nickname ‘toxic tush doctor’ – in South Florida in 2007, were reportedly sealed with cotton balls and super glue.

They were among around 10 illegal treatments – costing $2,000 – that Nuby underwent between 2007 and 2011 to enhance her buttocks, hips, thighs and breasts, it is claimed.

During a police investigation into Morris’s alleged illegal surgeries, more than 30 people from across the US reportedly came forward with claims they were scammed by the bogus doctor.

Shaquanda Brown, of North Miami, told the Miami Herald she had to be hospitalized for more than a month after receiving the injections. Even after her release, she continued to suffer from sickness.

She said she recalled seeing a tube of super glue, a black hose and a syringe but she said Morris instructed her not to look so she continued to lay face down.

She also said she remembered seeing Morris squeezing super glue onto gauze and placing the tape on the site of each injection, but the procedure quickly stopped because it was so painful.

According to the Herald, Ms Brown was later admitted to a Tampa hospital, where underwent a series of surgeries to treat multiple abscesses. She also apparently contracted a staph infection.

Brown’s claims came after another ‘patient’, Rajee Narinesingh, accused Morris of making her ‘into a monster’ after she received several procedures from the ‘doctor’ in 2005.

Ms Narinesingh, a transgendered woman, wanted fuller lips, cheeks and chin, but could not afford an operation by a licensed plastic surgeon, using medical silicone. She said she had heard about the ‘fake doctor’ by word of mouth through the transgender community, the Sun Sentinel reported.

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