Twin brothers charged with murdering former college basketball player as ‘payback’ for robbery

Ari Shlasinger  Jordan Shlasinger

Twin brothers have been charged with murdering a former college basketball player, allegedly as payback for a robbery.

Ari and Jordan Shlasinger, 26, were arrested after Christopher Turner, 27, was shot dead outside a friend’s home in Durham, North Carolina, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Turner, 27, was shot dead outside a friend's home in Durham, North Carolina, in the early hours of ThursdayTurner had just returned from Walmart at 3am when his friend, who was inside the home he was arriving at, heard five gunshots ring out.

She ran outside to find him lying face-down in the front yard, WRAL reported. He had three gunshot wounds; two to the chest and one in the back.

Turner died in hospital later that morning.

The twins were denied bond by a magistrate on Thursday and are set to appear in court again today.

Turner, who used to play basketball for East Carolina University (ECU), had just been released from prison after an 18-month sentence.

His stepbrother, Kellen Corley, told WNCN the shooting was payback for a robbery in 2013, but was not gang-related.

‘He ain’t deserve that. [They] killed that man for nothing,’ he said.

Investigators also believe the shooting was not random.

Turner had been released from prison in January after doing time for breaching his probation, and had a criminal history which included arrests for breaking and entering, larceny and possession.

A friend, who asked to remain anonymous, said Turner borrowed her car to return to Walmart after they forgot to pick up an item at the store.

‘When he pulled back up, we heard five gunshots and it was so loud we just knew it was close,’ she said.

‘We went outside, the car door was open and he was laying on the ground.

‘He was a real good dude. He wanted kids, he wanted a good life,’ she added. ‘He had just started back to work and had been going to work every day.’

Family member Cindy Kane said: ‘He was just a good guy. He was a real good kid.’

Turner played 10 games for ECU in the 2009-10 season but was forced to leave the college after he was ruled academically ineligible.

Source: The DailyMail

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