Twin NBA stars investigated for assaulting former mentor after he sent text to their mother indicating they had a sexual relationship


A pair of twins who play together on the court in the NBA are being investigated for teaming up to assault their former mentor in Arizona after he sent ‘inappropriate’ text messages to their mother.

Identical twins Marcus and Markieff Morris, who both play forward for the Phoenix Suns, are now the focus of an investigation into a felony aggravated assault which allegedly occurred in January.

Phoenix police say the 25-year-old twins and three others assaulted Erik Hood at the Nina Mason Pulliam Recreation & Sports Complex where the alleged victim and a woman were watching a basketball game.

No charges have been filed and no arrests have been made, but a Maricopa County Attorney’s Office spokesman confirmed prosecutors are continuing to review the case submitted by police, the Arizona Republic reported.

The alleged assault happened around 7:30pm on Saturday, January 24, outside the central Phoenix gym, according to CBS5-TV.

Hood, 36, told police he knows the twins from when he mentored them while they were growing up in Philadelphia and that he used to support them financially until they had a ‘falling out’.

He told police he sent a text telling the twins’ mother, Thomasine Morris, he’d ‘always be there for her’ and that another friend, Julius Kane, 25, saw the message and concluded their relationship was sexual in nature.

The former basketball player showed police photographs of himself with the twins.

In addition to the twins, who like to be called Team FOE (Family Over Everything), Hood also said Kane helped carry out the assault against him.

During the reported confrontation, Hood told police he was held down, punched in the head, kicked and then beaten to the point of unconsciousness after he was able to briefly escape.

Following the assault, witnesses told police they saw five subjects flee in a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Hood ended up with abrasions, a large knot on his head and a broken nose.

The woman he was with corroborated his story and also identified the twins and Kane.

The Morris twins have denied assaulting Hood, but Markieff did admit being at the game because he sponsors one of the teams with Marcus.

They both declined to comment after their loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday night.

Markieff and Marcus live together, have the same tattoos, the same agent and recently signed a four-year extension worth $52million which they were allowed to divvy up however they wanted, Rolling Stone reported.

(Markieff is now getting $8million a year and Marcus is getting $5million.)

Marcus, who is younger by seven minutes, said: ‘We’ve been like this since we were young.

‘We’ve always been doing everything together.

‘Whether it’s kickball, baseball, whatever – we’ve always been together.’

Before the NBA, the twins attended Kansas University where they both majored in American Studies and took every single class together.

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