Two American basketball players are stabbed during fight in Romania


Two American basketball players were stabbed during a fight in eastern Romania.

Darrell Bowie, 24, and Joseph McClain, 25, were attacked in the city on Saturday night while out with several team-mates.

Both men, who signed for ACS Cuza Sport de Braila, who are based in the city of Braila, last month, were rushed to a local hospital where they underwent surgery.

Darrell Bowie, 24, is one of two American basketball players who were attacked and stabbed in Romania on Saturday night 

The condition of Bowie, who suffered perforated wounds to the neck and abdominal area, was said to be ‘unpredictable’.

He was airlifted to the capital for further treatment, a spokesman for the hospital in Braila told the Agerpres agency.

McClain is in stable condition. He was stabbed in the left lung and remains in the intensive care unit.

Joseph McClain, 25, was also attacked while the two men were out with teammates

ACS Cuza Sport de Braila said that the athletes and their teammates were attacked ‘for no reason or prior conflict’.

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