Two sisters, ages 2 and 4, drown in canal behind their home

Florida police say they will continue to investigate the drowning deaths of two young sisters who were tragically pulled from a canal at the back of their home on Tuesday night.

The girls – two-year-old Louidjiena Louima and four-year-old Louidline Louima – were reported missing by their father about 5pm in Margate.

Louigens Louima told a 911 dispatcher the pair were playing in the front yard of the house when he went to ‘change his clothes’, but then couldn’t find either of them when he returned.

According to NBC Miami, the youngest of the two was found unresponsive in the canal at the back of the house on the 5900 block of NW 27th Street by a diver.

Footage taken by a news helicopter at the time showed the second girl being pulled from the water by a diver several minutes later.

She too was unresponsive.

Both girls were pronounced dead at Northwest Medical Center.

The girls mother, Merline Gaspard, was captured by local news crews crying out in pain in Creole following the incident.

The girls father, Louigens Louima, said he keeps the back gate that leads out to the canal locked with wire, and that they could not have gotten through.

He believes the pair must have gone into the neighbors yard and through their fence to the water.

‘Two kids, I’ve lost two kids,’ Louima told NBC Miami.

‘Man, it’s no good.’

Mr Louima said he spent at least 15 minutes looking for his daughters before calling police.

One of the girls’ shoes was found at the waters edge.

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