Uber driver lures 16-year-old passenger on snapshot & rapes her, sobs & faints in court

A former Uber driver charged with raping a 16-year-old passenger sobbed and appeared to faint in court while his charges were being read.

Darnell Booth, 34, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, fell to the floor upon hearing his charges, then collected himself and was held without bail Thursday.

Booth, who started driving for Uber in February, had an eight-page long criminal record, according to WCVB, and was accused of sexual assault once before but never charged.

Despite his criminal history, the company said it performed a background check on Booth and found nothing. It says Booth is now banned from driving.

Darnell Booth, a former Uber driver, is accused of picking up a 16-year-old girl and raping her before driving her to her destination

He pleaded not guilty to rape in Malden District Court. A hearing to determine whether he’s a danger to society is scheduled for Monday.

Prosecutors say the 36-year-old Booth was giving the Everett teen a ride to a summer school program on July 5 when he drove her to a parking lot and raped her.

The alleged victim and the suspect first met June 20 when he drove her home to Everett.

 Booth's attorney questions the girl's credibility and says 'there are more questions than answers'

On July 4, the victim noticed that she had been added to a Snapchat account she believed was Booth’s, prosecutors said, according to the outlet.

Booth then allegedly drove to her house and told the girl through Snapchat that he was outside of her home and wanted her to come outside. The girl refused, prosecutors said.

But when the girl missed the bus on July 5, Booth and the girl allegedly made contact through Snapchat, not the Uber app, and the girl accepted the offer of a ride.

He then allegedly drove her to a secluded location, turned and told her to take off her pants, slapped her twice on the face, and is then accused of raping her.

Investigators said they found the suspect’s DNA on the girl’s shirt.

Booth’s attorney questions the girl’s credibility and says ‘there are more questions than answers.’

Uber told WCVB that it checks criminal records going back seven years and said it did not find anything on Booth.

But when the outlet did a background check on Booth, it found he had a 2012 conviction for assaulting a corrections officer while he was incarcerated. He served two years in jail.

He also spent time in prison in 2008 for dealing drugs in a school zone.

Source: The DailyMail

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