Unarmed man ‘accidentally’ shot, killed by police, missed by 2-year-old daughter

The tearful two-year-old daughter of an innocent man shot dead in a housing project by an NYPD rookie told a crowd of protesters that she misses her daddy.

Akai Gurley, father to Akaila, was killed by Officer Peter Liang, whom police say fired his pistol by accident while he was patrolling a dimly-lit staircase at a notorious Brooklyn apartment block.

Protesters gathered today to demand answers from the police force, which has described the incident as an ‘unfortunate tragedy’.

Family members including Akai’s aunt, sister and Akaila’s mother, Kimblerly Ballinger, were at a protest organized by the National Action Network in Harlem today.

Akaila gave the heartbreaking message to the crowd via the Rev. Al Sharpton, who spoke at the event, according to an ABC reporter.

Sources from Sharpton’s National Action Network have previously said that Akaila doesn’t understand that her father has died.

It came not long after his sister swore not to rest until she has answers as to why another black man has been killed by law enforcement.

Liang killed Gurley while he was was reportedly walking down a dimly-lit staircase at the Louis Pink Houses, weapon drawn. Police say he fired by accident.

The incident – described as an ‘unfortunate tragedy’ by NYPD commissioner William Bratton – has prompted protests from Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, which is holding the Harlem rally today.

Kimberly Ballinger, mother to Gurley’s daughter Akaila, rested the child on her lap before speeches were made calling for a full investigation.

Speaking at the event, Sharpton demanded answers for why Liang was walking around with the safety on his weapon switched off, which he called a long-standing problem.

He said: ‘The issue of police going up dark stairwells with their guns drawn and their safety off is at the center of this… We have raised this question over and over again. … It is a matter of police policy’, according to NBC.

Yesterday his sister Akisha Pringle wrote on Facebook, saying: ‘I can’t believe my Big Bro is actually gone man. He just got out of prison… Him and I was just talking about how we was gonna surprise my mother on Thanksgiving day.

‘I’m so broken. He did nothing wrong and now I’ll never ever get a chance to see, hug or kiss hear from him… the cops are so dirty, man.

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