US Open winner Sloane Stephens details rigorous daily diet, workout regimen


What fuels a tennis champion? Multiple workouts a day, a steady streams of healthy meals and snacks, and regular games of bingo, if Sloane Stephens is to be believed.

Sharing: US Open champion Sloane Stephens (pictured in Flushing Meadows last year) has detailed her training regimen and self-care routine

Stephens, 24, has detailed the training regimen and self-care routine that helped her win the US Open last year despite a long-term injury.

Her fitness routine consists in a mix of various types of exercise, including strengthening exercises and plyometrics on top of her usual tennis practice, Stephens told Shape.

‘I start with an hour of movement–ladder, agility, plyometrics–and then do an hour of strength training. Afterward, I play tennis for two hours. From the time I get up, I’m working out and sweating profusely. And I smell!’

Full article at The DailyMail

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