USC linebacker Osa Masina suspended amid allegations of sexual assault

USC linebacker Osa Masina is currently suspended amid two separate sexual assault allegations made by the same woman in Utah and California.

An investigation launched by the Los Angeles Police Department has issued a search warrant to explore Masina’s phone and obtain a DNA sample from him, as disturbing allegations made by the woman surface. The warrant, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows Masina is accused of drugging and raping the woman on two separate occasions in July.

The report said the first incident allegedly occurred July 14 at the apartment of Masina’s teammate Don Hill, a sophomore linebacker, near the L.A. campus.

After a day of drinking, smoking marijuana and consuming Xanax pills — given by Masina — the woman claims she was “out of it” as Masina and Hill engaged in sexual intercourse and filmed the woman without her knowledge, according to the report.

The search warrant said Masina, 19, Snapchatted pictures and clips to the woman’s ex-boyfriend, a football player at the University of Arizona.

The second incident, which allegedly occurred July 26 in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, also started with alcohol and drug use, according to the report. The woman said she passed out and awoke to Masina performing anal sex with her before she was also forced her to engage in oral sex.

After waking up in pain the next morning, the woman went to police and a rape kit was administered.

No criminal charges have been filed against Masina or Hill, who remains active ahead of USC’s season-opener on Saturday against top-ranked Alabama.

On Tuesday, the LAPD told it has interviewed Masina, but declined to provide further information into the active investigation. A spokesperson for the Cottonwood Heights Police Department also confirmed an ongoing, separate investigation into Masina under that jurisdiction.

Source: MSN Sports

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