USC sorority surprises housekeeper with $21,000 for 24 years of service

A sorority housekeeper at the University of Southern California was left screaming with joy after her ‘girls’ gifted her $21,000 to buy herself the brand new car she was saving up for.

Fannie Randle, who has worked at the USC sorority Gamma Phi Beta for 24 years, was driving to work every day in an old car that was held together with duct tape – inspiring USC senior and former Gamma Phi Beta president Alicia Jewell to show her gratitude for the housekeeper with one last gift before graduation in May.

‘Her car, currently, it just shouldn’t have to be like that,’ Miss Jewell told ATVN. ‘So I was just like, “You know what, she has so many alumni and so many girls that love her so let’s just get her a car.”‘

Miss Jewell enlisted her sorority sisters and several former Gamma Phi Beta alumni, as well as their friends and family, to raise money for Ms Randle’s new car on the crowdsourcing website GoFundMe.

And last Monday, Miss Jewell and her sisters thanked Ms Randle for all of her hard work over the years by surprising her with a check for $21,000 over dinner.

‘Yes!’ Ms Randle yelled before throwing up her arms with joy. The ecstatic housekeeper threw herself to the ground before bringing her arms back up again.

‘Yes, yes,’ she said again as she pumped her fists through the air. Ms Randle went on the blow the girls kisses and give Miss Jewell an emotional hug.

After she was presented with flowers in addition to the check, other sorority sisters threw their arms around Ms Randle.

‘They mean everything to me,’ Ms Randle told the news station. ‘They are wonderful, wonderful girls.’

‘I’m so choked up,’ she said.

When asked what kind of car she was going to buy, Ms Randle joked: ‘Not the red bucket I got now.’

‘Maybe a Honda,’ she added. ‘I [would] like a Honda Accord.’

The Gamma Phi Beta members later gathered with Ms Randle in front of the house she has been working at for nearly 25 years to pose for a group photo to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Source: The DailyMail

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