Video shows handcuffed suspect pull out hidden gun, shoots female cop in front seat

New footage has emerged showing the moment an Ohio man pulls out a gun he had hidden in the back of a police cruiser and shoots the female cop in the front seat.

Police say that the suspect, Derek Stokes, 33, managed to sneak a gun into the police car and hide it between the back seats after being arrested on an outstanding felony warrant in Cleveland in December.

The cruiser was pulling into the underground garage of the Cleveland police headquarters – where the officers planned to book Stokes – when he suddenly whipped out the handgun and shot ranger Chelsea McLellan in the bulletproof vest.

In the video released this week, McLellan can be screaming as she gets out of the car: ‘Are you (redacted) kidding me?’

New video: Police say that the suspect, Derek Stokes, 33, managed to sneak a gun into the police car and hide it between the back seats after being arrested on an outstanding felony warrant in Cleveland in December

Ranger McLellan and Ranger Kyle Schultz, both out of the car, returned fire, blasting the car with bullets.

The video shows Stokes ignoring commands to ‘Get on the ground!’ And you can hear him saying ‘Kill me.’

Stokes ultimately crawled out of the back seat of the cruiser and started to run through the parking garage, Fox 8 News reported.

While it is not seen in the video, Stokes finally collapsed after being shot.

Authorities said the officers fired a total of 47 rounds at the suspect. He was hit by three bullets and died, the medical examiner concluded.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office released excerpts of two video recordings Tuesday after announcing that the fatal shooting of Stokes by the Metroparks rangers was justified.

The encounter began with McLellan stopping a car driven by Stokes for speeding outside a waterfront park near downtown Cleveland and quickly learning he had a felony warrant.

Other rangers arrived and found heroin, crack cocaine and a digital scale in the car.

Stokes was patted down and placed in the back seat of McLellan’s cruiser. That’s when investigators think Stokes removed a pistol from one of his boots and hid it beneath the back seat of the cruiser.

The boots were then removed and checked during a second body search, an investigative report said.

A video from a camera pointed at the back seat of McLellan’s cruiser showed Stokes squirming as McLellan asks him questions about his life as she drove him to jail.

‘You live with your mom?’ McLellan asks.

‘She’s about to have a fit,’ Stokes replies.

While in the back seat of the cruiser, Stokes managed to gets his hands, which originally were handcuffed behind his back, in front of him.

The investigative report said McLellan couldn’t see what Stokes was doing in the back seat because of darkness and reflections off the plastic barrier separating the front and back seats.

As the cruiser heads down the ramp into the garage, the video shows McClelland forcing a gun through a gap in the barrier. McLellan slams on the brakes, tossing Stokes into the plastic barrier.

Investigators believe Stokes’ gun misfired twice before he shot McLellan in the shoulder of her vest, barely missing her head.

Scene: The shootout occurred in the underground parking garage of Cleveland Police Headquaters (above), where the officers said they intended to book Stokes for an outstanding felony warrant 

McLellan and Schultz then fire multiple rounds at the cruiser, shattering its rear windows while Stokes takes cover on the back seat.

The video from McLellan’s cruiser shows windows being shattered while Stokes takes cover in the back seat.

When the initial volley stops, the video shows him yelling ‘Kill me!’ before crawling out a window.

A dashboard camera in Schultz’s car shows Stokes shooting at McLellan and Schultz, who return fire. Stokes then staggers away from the rangers and falls to the garage floor.

When McLellan orders Stokes to ‘get on the ground,’ he yells back, ‘I’m not done yet,’ gets to his feet and collapses again.

Source: The DailyMail

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