Video shows officers beating handcuffed black suspect just before fist pump

Michigan State Police are investigating after a video emerged showing cops brutally beating a handcuffed suspect in the street – before two officers gave each other a celebratory fist bump.

The video, captured by a resident from inside her Grosse Pointe home on Monday, shows one male officer apparently punching Andrew Jackson Jr., 51, before another kicks him in the side.

At one point, Jackson, a suspect in an earlier carjacking, calls out for Jesus.

‘What did you say?’ asks one of the officers, who then kneels on the man back. ‘Jesus? You’re calling Jesus? Don’t you dare. Don’t you f***ing dare!’

After the initial burst of violence, the man stays quiet on the ground and a female officer approaches and fist bumps one of the male officers.

‘They’re tapping each other, talking about a good job,’ says the woman behind the camera, Emma Craig. She later shared the footage to her Facebook page.

After the incident, Grosse Pointe Park police issued a statement saying that Jackson had allegedly pointed a gun at a mother and her two children, forcing them out of their car and stealing it.

Police tracked the vehicle and took chase, before the suspect got out of the car and fled about a quarter of a mile on foot. Officers then caught up with him and tried to Tase him but it failed to work so they had to use force to take him into custody and remove his weapon, police said in a statement.

Jackson had absconded his parole from April 2014 when he missed a meeting with his parole officer and moved address, police said.

Records show he was convicted in 2004 of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, assault with intent to rob while armed and fleeing a police officer, the Detroit News reported.

In the footage, the officers can be heard discovering a gun on the man after the arrest.

Ron Craig, whose mother shot the footage, told the Detroit News there was no justification for the violence used against Jackson.

‘He was in handcuffs,’ Craig said. ‘You had him captured. He was no threat.’

He added: ‘It’s not a race issue, it’s a humanitarian issue.’

On Wednesday, demonstrators from the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality gathered outside the Grosse Pointe Police station to call for prosecution of the officers involved.

Coalition director Ron Scott said the group believes ‘the officers’ actions, once the suspect was handcuffed, were not justified’.

Grosse Pointe Police Sergeant Jeff Longo briefly addressed the protesters to say that Chief David Hiller had no comment for them and that an investigation is under way.

Hiller previously said officers’ actions were appropriate considering the sequence of events.

‘We’re looking at it, and we believe the officers actions were proper,’ he said. ‘In effecting the arrest, they had to kick to get his arms free because he was going for his gun, which was in his waistband.’

Michigan State Police are investigating the incident after being contacted by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who said she would be ‘actively monitoring’ the investigation.

It is not yet clear which agency the officers were from; the stolen car task force includes officers from Grosse Pointe Park, Detroit, Warren, Harper Woods and Highland Park.

Jackson is being held by Grosse Pointe Park police for parole violations and could get up to 60 months additional time, police said.

Source: The DailyMail

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