Videos emerge of Bali murder suspects partying with mom’s cash

Suspected Bali murderer Heather Mack, 19, has claimed that she is pregnant and police revealed that she had sex with her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, in a five-star hotel room after allegedly killing her mother.

Videos also surfaced of Ms Mack and her lover partying with her dead mother’s cash, weeks before the trio went on the vacation in Bali where Sheila von Wiese Mack was murdered and her body was found stuffed in a bloodstained suitcase.

Ms Mack claims that her pregnancy is ectopic and that it is vital she return home to the U.S. for care.

Ms Mack, 19, was seen being taken to the obstetrics and gynecology section of a police hospital in Bali for tests on Friday to find out if her pregnancy is ‘outside the woman’, a dangerous condition. Police have not revealed the results of any tests.

‘She has not told us who the father is, but there are indications that it is her current boyfriend, Tommy,’ a senior officer told MailOnline at police headquarters.

Investigators are also trying to establish if Ms Mack’s claimed pregnancy is another reason for the break down in the already troubled relationship between mother and daughter.

‘We don’t know yet because we have not been able to obtain a statement from either of them,’ said Commander Djoko.

Ms Mack has refused to make any public comment, except to cry out when confronted by local photographers when she was led through the hospital. ‘Somebody take my hand,’ she cried to her escorts, her face shielded by a green sheet.

While she was still wearing the white top with a black pattern she was dressed in when arrested at a second Bali hotel the couple had allegedly fled to, Mr Schaefer, who was also taken to the hospital, was dressed in an orange prison uniform and, unlike his girlfriend, handcuffed.

The lack of statements, said Bali Chief Inspector General Albertus Mokalu, was not presenting a ‘suspect problem’ as he alleged enough evidence had been collated to point guilt at Ms Mack and Mr Schaefer.

Both Ms Mack and Mr Schaefer have been charged with murder and could face the firing squad if found guilty of a pre-meditated act.

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