Violent sex trafficker lured young girls through ‘The Pimp Manifesto’

A Jamaican-born pimp who pretended he was hip hop manager but operated a global sex trafficking network used an elaborate ploy convinced beautiful young Australians to become prostitutes and give him the profits.

Daily Mail Australia has obtained documents which show how Damion St Patrick Baston, 37, persuaded young women to be ‘hoes’ – whores – instead of ‘f***ing for free’ with their boyfriends.

Photographs obtained from the Florida District Court show Baston toting high-powered semi-automatic weapons, lying in bed covered in Australian bank notes, posing in a fox fur with a fistful of $100 bills, and wearing a bizarre pair of gold fangs.

After he was found guilty earlier this month, Baston is in a Florida prison awaiting sentence on on 21 charges of sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion, importation of an alien for prostitution, transportation for prostitution, aggravated identity theft and money laundering.

Six young women, including two Australians, a New Zealand, a Lithuanian and two American girls gave evidence of the life of prostitution and stripping for money he indoctrinated them into.

His methods of persuasion can now be revealed. They include convincing the girls that they were like a deluxe car and would be hilarious if they weren’t part of a calculated ruse by a ruthless and cynical criminal.

Baston also had an excuse for the authorities as to how he got into the pimping business – ‘as a favour’ when a female friend ‘came to me upset about her boyfriend … and wanted my help.

During his Florida trial, Baston portrayed himself as a lover who was ‘was always nice and kind’ in his relationships with the girls.

But his trial brief described him as ‘a violent pimp’ who travelled the world ‘recruiting, prostituting and violently abusing women’ according to his ‘ongoing scheme . . . to live off the prostitution of women who he beat, raped and psychologically manipulated’.

In the transcript of Baston, he says ‘only a pimp could teach’ girls ‘about the game’ and again lambasts girls settle for normal relationships with men.He refers to himself as a ‘P’.

‘That’s what y’all hoes do  … and y’all go nowhere,’ he says.

After just six hours’ deliberation, a twelve person jury found Baston guilty on all 21 charges. He will be sentenced on September 5.

Read more at The DailyMail Online.

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