Walter Scott’s family meets bystander who filmed his death

This is the emotional moment Walter Scott’s family met with the man who filmed his death – and threw the case wide open.

Feidin Santana, 23, visited the family’s Charleston, South Carolina home on Thursday to meet with the man’s heartbroken parents, son and other relatives – in a moving moment witnessed by NBC.

Santana has been hailed a hero for keeping his cellphone camera trained on Officer Michael Slager as he fired eight shots at Scott, 50, in North Charleston on Saturday and later releasing the video.

‘Oh, thank you God!’ Judy Scott, the mother of Walter Scott said, as she embraced Santana tightly. ‘Thank you Lord! Blessed God! Thank you, thank you God. Thank you, thank you!’

Mr Scott’s father, Walter Scott, Sr., also hugged the man and said: ‘Thank you for another son, God, thank you. You’ve got a family in Charleston right now… anytime.’

‘You did a good thing, Brother,’ Walter Scott’s son, Walter Jr., 20, added as he embraced Santana.

‘I don’t know how this would’ve turned out without the video, I just want to thank you. I don’t know how much I could thank you more.’

Santana, a barber who is originally from the Dominican Republic, said he shared the footage because he wanted the family to know precisely how their son had died.

‘Just amazing that they know the truth, you know,’ he told NBC News as he met with the family. ‘And they know that Mr Scott won’t, like I say, this didn’t just happen and stay that way.

‘God put me there for a reason, I’m a very believer of God.’

Scott’s mother added: ‘He was supposed to be there.’

Scott was pulled over for a broken tail light on Saturday, but when officers approached his car, he fled – perhaps because he had previously been arrested for failing to pay child support.

As he ran, Santana saw him and pulled out his cell phone camera to record the moment Officer Slager shot Scott, who was unarmed, multiple times as he ran away.

The officer, who is white, slowly approached the man’s body, calmly checked for a pulse and failed to perform CPR. Santana got closer and continued recording the man’s body on the ground.

‘I know what I saw and I expressed myself to [the police],’ Santana told Morning Joe on Thursday. ‘It was an abuse and I saw with my own eyes. I said I had a video tape.’

One of the police officers told him to wait but ‘I realized that would not be good in that moment,’ he said – and he ran to his workplace.

Santana then contacted a friend who came to his barber shop and watched the video.

‘When I showed him [the video], he said this was not good,’ Santana said.

Following the shooting, Officer Slager, 33, filed a police report defending his actions, saying he feared for his life and that Scott had wrestled his Taser gun from him during a scuffle.

But four days later, Santana’s explosive video emerged, throwing doubt on the officer’s story.

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