Warrant issued for Robby Anderson after the Jets’ wide receiver misses court appearance for reckless driving

By REUTERS | Source: The DailyMail

After a solid rookie season in 2016, Anderson recorded 63 receptions and seven touchdowns on 114 targets in 2017, while leading the Jets with 941 receiving yardsA warrant was issued for Robby Anderson’s arrest after the New York Jets wide receiver failed to appear for a court date in Broward County, Florida, stemming from a January arrest for reckless driving.

However, his attorney told the New York Daily News on Wednesday that he and Anderson never received notice of the court hearing, calling the arrest warrant ‘craziness.’

Anderson was scheduled to be arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of reckless driving, but neither he nor his attorney showed up for his court date Tuesday at 8:30am, according to court records.

Attorney Ed O’Donnell told the Daily News, ‘I received no notice. Robby received no notice. And the bondsman received no notice. A written plea of Not Guilty was filed on January 29th. Since that date, we’ve never gotten any notice to be in court for this matter. I intend to take care of this [Thursday]. … First I got to figure out where it is. I didn’t even know who issued the warrant for non-appearance. … Craziness. Craziness. …

‘Robby did not do anything wrong. It’s not like he just said, “No, I’m not going to court.” Believe me. I didn’t go to court, either. Because nobody knew to be there.’

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