Warren Sapp arrested for domestic violence for biting, stepping on girlfriend

Former NFL star Warren Sapp has been charged with three counts of domestic abuse after his model girlfriend accused him of biting her and stepping on her head.

Sapp, who was arrested earlier this year for assaulting and soliciting a prostitute, allegedly bit and beat his girlfriend Chalyce Moore at the M Resort, in Henderson, Nevada.

The decorated ex-footballer, who has a history of legal troubles, has said he ‘absolutely denies’ the latest allegations.

Authorities in Las Vegas charged the Hall of Fame defensive lineman in relation to the incident that occurred in April in the exclusive casino hotel.

If convicted, Sapp could face 18 months in jail.

A Las Vegas police report said Sapp and his girlfriend of five years were arguing when the former football player allegedly threw a margarita cocktail in her face at the resort’s swimming pool.

The report said security footage showed Sapp aggressively pull on Moore’s arm inside the resort, causing her to lose her balance.

She told police the arguing continued during the drive home and at her Las Vegas condo.

She claimed Sapp bit her middle finger in the heated row and he had stepped on the right side of her face.

Moore suffered a bruise to her lower lip, abrasions and bruises on her shoulders, bruising on her legs and ‘a bruise on one of her temples with a checkerboard imprint’, according to TMZ.

She told police she thought she suffered a concussion after she had symptoms including a stiff neck, headache and was vomiting after the assault.

It comes after Sapp was arrested on February 2 this year for assaulting and soliciting a prostitute during the Super Bowl weekend.

He pleaded guilty to both charges, but the solicitation charge was dropped last month when he completed a diversion program.

The NFL Network, where Sapp appeared as an on-air analyst since 2008, fired the former tackle and defensive end hours after that arrest.

Sapp played in the NFL from 1995-2007 for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders.

He was a vital contributor for the Buccaneers as they went from also-ran to Super Bowl champions after the 2002 season and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013.

However, the controversial character has a history of legal troubles. He was arrested the day before the Super Bowl in 2010 on a domestic battery charge, but prosecutors later dropped the case because of inconsistences between the victim’s statements and evidence, including surveillance video.

Despite making millions in his playing career, he filed for bankruptcy in 2012 in Florida, owing more than $6.7million to creditors and in child support and alimony.

He is due in court on the latest charges on July 23.

Source: The DailyMail

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