‘We ain’t gonna be in no fire today!’ Woman’s hilarious response to fire goes viral

A woman who appeared on live TV after a fire at her apartment block has become an internet star after giving a hilarious interview to a TV reporter.

Michelle Dobyne had to flee her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma after flames engulfed the building where she lived.

After her ordeal she gave an interview to a local TV network where she recounted her experience of escaping the blaze at her home.

But rather than be downbeat about the fire leaving residents without any heat, her unusual positive interview has seen the clip go viral.

After being asked about the fire, Ms Dobyne explains how she was on the phone to a friend while cooking breakfast when she heard a popping noise.

She told News on 6: ‘She told me she heard a popping noise, and I said “What?” and she said “Yeah”, I said “Naww”.’

Ms Dobyne then goes on to explain how she then saw a neighbour taking her child outside without any shoes on.

She said: ‘Aww girl it’s cold outside, she said “something ain’t right, I said “what?” and then she said”Aww man the building is on fire.

“I said, ‘no what?’. So I got my three kids and we bounced out, ah-ha.

‘We ain’t going to be in no fire, not today.’

Now 100 residents at the apartment complex have been left without electricity or heat as the fire destroyed the electricty units at the block.

The popping noise that they could hear was was actually the electric cables catching alight.

The property manager said there will be armed security guards on the property until the power comes back on.

Source: The DailyMail

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