What You Should Be Eating to Fight Muscle Loss as You Age

By Ashley Lall | First for Women

Trying to stay in shape in general is tough, but once passing 50, the odds can seem like they’re stacked against us. Sarcopenia, a condition in which the body starts to naturally lose muscle tissue as we age, can seem unavoidable and a little scary. But there are a few ways to fight muscle loss and maintain strength — including eating the right types of nutrients.

When we are younger, the body’s mechanisms for tissue teardown versus growth are balanced. But as time goes by, the body becomes more resistant to growth and experiences more teardown from things like living a sedentary lifestyle, inflammation, stress, and an unbalanced diet. This is when people start losing muscle mass.

However, eating certain nutrients can help you supplement the cells and tissues in your body, so they are repaired quickly instead of permanently damaged. This way, you can stay your strongest and healthiest self at 50, and beyond.

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