White mother in MS not charged for death of toddler in hot car – black father charged with manslaughter

A Mississippi white mother and black father have both suffered the same tragedy less than 100 miles apart: a child, dead, after being forgotten in a hot car.

But that is where the similarities end for Amy Bryant and Joshua Grant.

Bryant, of Brandon, will not face charges for the death of her two-year-old daughter Carolyn, who died in May.


A Madison County grand jury chose not to indict Bryant, who forgot to drop off her daughter before going to work.

Bryant only realized Carolyn was still in the car at the end of the day, when daycare workers informed the mother she had never dropped her daughter off.

It is a similarly devastating story for Blunt, who forgot his eight-month-old daughter Shania Rihanna Caradine in his car while going to work in a Grenada.

Blunt then took a break to pick up his girlfriend and Shania. He took his girlfriend to work and was supposed to drop off their baby at her mother’s house.

But he forgot and instead went back to work for four hours. When he and a colleague returned to his car, they found the unresponsive baby in the back seat.

They took Shania inside the restaurant and put cool towels on her to await an ambulance that took her to the University of Mississippi Medical Center Grenada.

The two children died only weeks apart.

But Blunt is facing a manslaughter charge. A grand jury in Grenada County indicted the devastated father in July.

Meanwhile Amy Bryant will not face charges for the death of her daughter, who died in Bryant's hot car after she forgot to drop her off at this daycare in Mississippi 

Blunt’s attorney, Carlos Moore, said both hot-car deaths were tragic accidents and he believes Blunt is being treated more harshly because he’s black.

‘I do recognize we are in Mississippi and race plays a great factor in our criminal justice system of who is arrested, indicted and convicted,’ Moore said Thursday.

Shania’s mother, Shanice Caradine filed an affidavit Tuesday asking Grenada County District Attorney Doug Evans to drop the charge against Blunt.

‘I do not believe Joshua Blunt should be charged with any crime in relation to the death of our daughter, Shania Caradine,’ the affidavit says.

‘I honestly believe that it was a tragic accident.’

Grenada’s city prosecutor had pledged to reduce Blunt’s charge to a misdemeanor after he was initially arrested on a second-degree murder charge, but Evans obtained a manslaughter indictment.

The felony charge is punishable by two to 20 years in prison.

Evans said the affidavit would not affect the prosecution of the case.

It is set for trial August 18, but Evans said it’s likely to be delayed by a judge’s scheduling conflict.

Source: The DailyMail

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