White People Are Right: They Built This Country

Michael Harriot | The Root

America is angry.

Conservatives are mad for the same reasons they wanted to oust Obama, Muslims, immigrants and anyone who doesn’t support the Russia-fellating, rust-colored dotard in chief: They want their county back.

Progressives believe Trump is destroying “their country” and the only thing that can save us are safety pins, pink pussy hats or politely resisting (not like that belligerent Maxine Waters). All of the outrage on the left and right both stem from one fact:

White people built this country.

People who purchase their mayonnaise, jeans and running shoes all from one store have no reservations about reminding the world of their ownership of the country regardless of which side of the aisle they stand.


Many white people believe their forefathers and whatever values they now hold are what built this country. Some of them (the liberals, the allies and the Democrats) are more than willing to share their inheritance but only if they can act as administrators of the estate.

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