Why America still needs Black History Month? The answer is painfully simple

Elvia Díaz, Arizona Republic | azcentral.com

In 1955, Rosa Parks sparked a civil-rights revolt by refusing to give up her bus seat to a White passenger in segregated Montgomery, Alabama.

In 2009, 54 years later, Barack Obama became the first African-American president of the United States. Obama’s ascension to the White House epitomized — if not the end of racial divide in America — at least remarkable advancement toward equality in this country.

Case closed.

The nation had finally embraced a Black president. Rosa Parks could finally rest in peace. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., whose audacity to fight for equality cost him his life, could finally rest in peace.

All of us – White, Black, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and everyone else – could finally work, play and love in peace in this great United States of America.

Wrong. Painfully wrong.

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