Why The College Admissions Scandal Angers Black Folks

By Samara Lynn | Black Enterprise

Some see it as an egregious flexing of white privilege: A virtual bomb erupted this week over revelations that wealthy parents, including a few well-known Hollywood actors, bribed their kids’ way into some of the nations’ most prestigious colleges and universities in a widespread college admissions scandal.

Rich parents, including popular TV actors Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, were ensnared in the scandal after the FBI alleges they and many other wealthy, white parents took part in an elaborate scam that got their children admitted into these schools and some of them, onto very competitive college sport teams—even if their child had never played sports before.

There is a wave of outrage among the black community. For far too long, black students, who often have to work twice as hard to get into elite colleges, have been derided as “affirmative action cases.” That is, black students have simply been admitted to these schools because of their skin color and not because of their skills and hard work.

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