William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry hospitalized in Chicago, report says

Beloved former Bears star and Super Bowl champion William “The Refrigerator” Perry is hospitalized in Chicago, TV station Fox 32 Chicago reported Tuesday night.

In town to attend Sunday’s season finale against the Lions, Perry, 53, went to Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Friday to get medication for his diabetes and other ailments, his brother Willie said. While there, doctors found an infection in one of Perry’s legs so severe that it had to be treated intravenously.

Perry, who hadn’t been to Soldier Field in years, was allowed to attend the game in a wheelchair and received a warm salute from fans.

After the game, he returned to the hospital, where he has remained since, according to Fox 32, which spoke to him by phone from the hospital.

“It was wonderful, great being back and doing things,” Perry said. “Then all of a sudden you’re stuck here. You’re stuck here and can’t go nowhere.”

According to Fox 32, Perry was supposed to be released Tuesday afternoon and had a plane ticket to fly home with his brother Willie. But according to family members, Perry’s younger brother and legal guardian, Michael Dean Perry, also a former NFL player, called the hospital from his home in North Carolina and told doctors not to discharge the elder Perry.

“Brother is trying to say so and do everything,” Perry said. “I mean I’m 53 years old and I can handle my own business and stuff and everything.”

A collegiate star at Clemson, Perry played defensive tackle — and occasionally fullback — for the Bears from 1985-93.

Source: MSN Sports

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