Witness video captures cop taking down man with stun gun who isn’t resisting


A video has emerged of a police officer in Virginia using a stun gun on a male suspect who does not appear to be resisting, sparking a use of force investigation.

In the footage – taken in Fairfax County – the suspect appears to be complying with the officer and has his hands on top of the police cruiser.

However, with the officer behind him, he is suddenly tasered.

‘He did not try to run or nothing. That was wrong,’ a witness told FOX 5.

The clip has no audio between the cop and the suspect.

The Fairfax County Police Department said the man was a suspected thief.

In the video the man looks as if he is about to be frisked when the officer uses his stun gun.

The man then fells to the ground.

The officer can then be heard shouting ‘get on the ground’ and ‘roll over’.

recorded the footage told Fox 5 he didn’t see any reason for the officer to use the stun gun.

‘As soon as he has his back turned toward him, he Tasers him,’ the witness tolf Fox 5.

‘He didn’t see it coming.’

According to WUSA 9, the man was charged with larceny.

He refused treatment following the taser sting.

The Fairfax County Police Department released a statement Sunday saying they are looking into the incident and announced an internal investigation on Facebook.

‘Realizing that the video is going to get a lot of attention… folks are working over the weekend to find out what happened and inform the community,’ Fairfax police spokesman Capt. Ed O’Carroll told the Washington Post.

Source: The DailyMail

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