Woman randomly stabbed with screwdriver while running on treadmil at gym

A woman was stabbed from behind with a screwdriver by a crazed man while she was walking on the treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness on Tuesday morning.

Officers were first called to the gym in Irving, Texas when witnesses spotted a man, later identified as 32-year-old Phillip Roberts, wearing a trench coat and carrying a suitcase acting suspiciously.

Irving Police Spokesman James McLellan told NBC that officers were informed by gym staff that the ‘suspicious’ character was working out at the gym with a guest membership and that they’d seen him at that location with his suitcase before.

20 minutes later officers were called back at the scene because Roberts had allegedly stabbed a woman in the back with a Philips head screwdriver in a random attack.

‘Her scream was so loud, even when I had the music on, I could hear her yell, and it really sounded like she was scared for her life,’ said gym member Yvette Perez.

‘I mean, I can only imagine.

DailyMail.com spoke with witness Justin Harper who saw the stabbing unravel before his eyes.

Harper, a former police officer for the Blue Mound Police Department, was working out just feet away from the incident.

‘It took a little while to figure out the woman was being attacked,’ Harper told DailyMail.com.

‘I noticed a lady who looked like she was falling off a treadmill and I noticed a black male – looked like he was grabbing her, and I thought he was helping her, but then he starts hitting her,’ Harper told NBC.

‘They fell down right in front of my treadmill where I was at so when I saw him start hitting her. Then another guy came by and we both tackled him to the ground,’ he continued.

Harper says Roberts did not know the suspect and that he seemed as though he had mental issues.

‘When we tackled him to the ground and he didn’t say a word. He had a crazed glazed over look in his eyes,’ Harper told DailyMail.com.

As soon as officers arrived on the scene that’s when Harper noticed that the man had a particularly dull Philips head screwdriver with him.

The victim’s husband told reporters he feels blessed that Harper along with another witness was there to intervene until more police arrived.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, suffered non-life-threatening puncture wounds to her back and shoulder and was taken to a hospital in Dallas where she is receiving treatment.

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