Woman who ‘found’ abandoned baby, gave TV interviews, actually the birth mother

A woman who discovered an abandoned baby girl outside her home on Wednesday was later discovered to be the mother of the newborn.

Khiani Jackson told police and later TV stations that she had ‘found’ the child, crying outside her home in Beltsville, Maryland just before noon on Wednesday.

However after interviewing Ms Jackson, officers discovered that she had given birth to the girl hours before and had become ‘overwhelmed’.

Ms Jackson earlier spoke to News4, telling them she heard the baby crying and rushed to help.

She said: ”She was cold. I immediately got her and washed her. I would have done what I could to help [the mother], it came to this. God works in mysterious ways.’

Ms Jackson had given birth to the baby hours before at her home. The child is in hospital in a good condition. At no point was the baby left alone outside.

Prince George’s County Police said in a statement that the mother was also receiving medical treatment.

Criminal charges were not being filed at this time and the baby girl was placed in the care of Child Protective Services.

Police said: ‘We want to thank our community and members of the media for their concern for the baby girl and for sharing her picture during this investigation.’

According to Maryland’s Safe Haven Law, which is also in place in other states across the U.S., mothers can leave their newborn babies at a hospital, fire or police station without being prosecuted – no questions asked.

The legislation, which was passed in 2002, is to protect newborn babies who may be abandoned by their mothers who are afraid they would be subject to legal action if they cannot keep the child.

The baby must be 10 days old or younger and unharmed for the mother to be protected by this law.

According to child welfare agencies, these babies will be adopted.

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