Tombolo Books – Part-Time Bookseller


We are currently accepting resumes for a part-time bookseller! We’re looking for avid readers with experience working in restaurants or some other hospitality field. Weekday availability is a must.

A Tombolo bookseller’s job is in essence to be a bridge between reader and author. We work with each other to be knowledgeable about our ever-evolving inventory, we discern people’s literary needs by using active listening skills and we offer each customer an array of books that best suits their needs. It is a fun literary challenge every day!

Tombolo booksellers have empathic listening skills and curious minds, enjoy speaking with people, are eager to host literary gatherings, and are firm believers in supporting local small businesses as a key way to strengthen St. Pete’s unique culture.

If this sounds like you please send your resume and cover letter to

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