A better way to use the words, I AM


I AM is permanent, it is essential that we never attach the words, I AM, to anything that is not permanent. We are never to associate the words; I AM, with anything that is not eternal. For example, many people say, I am sick, to describe the feelings of discomfort or pain that they may be experiencing. They also use the phrase, I am sick, to express a diagnosis or prognosis that they have received from a doctor.

In reality, the I AM is not sick. I AM is the spiritual part or God part of us. God is not sick and has never been sick, nor is the I AM of our being sick. It is better to say that I feel sick because feelings are temporary. Feelings fade. Saying I feel sick, reminds us that this is not a permanent condition but a temporary experience.  Describing sickness as a feeling, renews our minds about the truth that I AM healed and this sickness did not come to stay, it is just passing through my body (I Peter 2:24).

I AM is our true nature as spiritual beings, therefore, we must never say the words, I AM broke. We are not broke. We are perfect, whole and complete. Broke is not the state of our being. Although “Brokenness” is a popular gospel song, it is not what God desires for us nor are we to desire it for ourselves.

Who desires to live in a constant state of brokenness? If we say, I AM broke, then the universe match our words with through the manifestation of broken relationships, broken equipment, broken bones, etc. If we are having a financial challenge, it is better to say, I AM in between blessings. In between blessings means that blessings have manifested before and blessings will manifest again. In fact, blessings are manifesting right here and right now.  Another way to describe our financial challenge is I AM in anticipation of the manifestation of my blessings. This affirmation speaks more of the truth of what’s happening and what we desire (Psalms 37:4). The truth is I AM prosperity, increase, abundance, overflow and more than enough.

Let’s pay close attention to our words and use the term, “I AM” carefully!

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