Actors, Allies, and Accomplices mini-conference this Friday

TAMPA BAY — This Friday, August 7, Inclusivity, LLC will host its “Allies, Actors, and Accomplices: How to Engage in Turbulent Times” mini-conference from 8:30- noon. This half-day event follows up on outcomes derived from Inclusivity’s June “Equity Amid Crisis” two-day virtual conference sponsored by Pinellas Community Foundation.

“The Equity Amid Crisis virtual conference was very successful, with over 500 attendees,“ shared Inclusivity’s Erik Smith.

June’s “Equity Amid Crisis” offered panelist sessions on education, economics, and health, as well as interactive breakout groups and self-care activities. Held in partnership with St. Petersburg College Collaborative Labs, the event included on the spot surveys for data and response gathering.

Assessing the data revealed that participants’ overwhelming response was to ask for the next steps on how to engage going forward.

Smith said, “As a result, we developed a follow-up, half-day mini-conference to address the how and the why. This group of panels and breakout sessions is designed to deepen conversations that lead to action.”

“Actors, Allies, and Accomplices” full listing of panelists include:

  • Eileen Coogan, president & CEO, Allegany Franciscan Ministries
  • Amy Foster, City of St. Petersburg Councilmember
  • Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Pinellas County
  • Cal Jackson, director, Global Diversity & Inclusion at Tech Data Corporation
  • Kimberly Jackson, Esq., executive director, Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions
  • Jason Mathis, CEO, St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership
  • Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin, City of St. Petersburg
  • Ken Welch, Pinellas County Commissioner
  • Moderators: Dr. Luz Randolph and Jennifer Yeagley, CEO St. Petersburg Free Clinic.

“This event will help to define where you enter and how to move along the engagement continuum. The following moderators and panelists will provide a thought-provoking, high energy event,” added Smith.

Click here to register for the “Actors, Allies, and Accomplices,” or text EQUITY to 71441.

The half-day is designed in two sessions that will focus on topics such as “Moment or Movement?” and discuss issues including sustaining the initial outpour of support, the impact of fragility, guilt and fatigue, authentic engagement, and why doing nothing is not an option.

Click here to view outcomes from the June “Equity Amid Crisis” conference.

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