All I want for Christmas

BY DEXTER MCCREE, Feature Writer

‘Tis the reason for the Christmas season. The joy of family, challenges of world peace and unity of people headline a season of jingling bells and lights so bright.

In December kindness and good gestures is on the rise and the desire to maintain that attitude throughout the year. Selfishness will take a temporary back seat to the good will of others.

What do we really want for Christmas? Here is a start.

Michael GlockMichael Glock

“All I want for Christmas is for the people that I care about and family to find peace and happiness.”

Evangelist Queen Mims-DavisEvangelist Queen Mims-Davis

All I want for Christmas is to spread the news of what Christmas is all about.  I hope my children and all others remember to show the love of Jesus.”

Nathan HalfordNathan Halford

“All I want for Christmas is for people who are having hard times to be able to take of them. It’d be nice to get a car, my license and get rid of this stupid cell phone.”

Luci ScrattonLuci Scratton

“All I want for Christmas is peace. That’s really it!”

Vader GreenVader Green

“All I want for Christmas is to be in good grace with the Lord.”

Terrell DukesTerrell Dukes

“All I want for Christmas is peace, love and unity with my family.”

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