Blast from the past: Bernita Burney

In last’s week Blast from the past, we featured an old picture of Bernita Burney, née Clemons, on page nine. She recognized herself and called in to give us an update on her life since that picture was taken.

The photo was Burney’s 1976 Dixie Hollins graduation picture. She is the mother of Taucha Nelson McDonald and Albert Nelson, Jr., and is the stepmother of Gina Burney.

This wife and grandmother of six is currently attending Pinellas Technical College to be a medical administrative specialist. She worked as a pharmacy technician for more than 24 years when the company pulled up stakes and moved up north. This prompted her to go back to school because you’re never too old to learn.

She’s currently working part time as the church secretary for Southside Tabernacle Baptist Church.

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