Breaking the Cycle: Parental Engagement

Praise the Lord Saints.

Well, there is one thing I have become painfully aware of more than I had originally thought, and that is Satan is busy.

I say this because of the great strides that have been made and are in the process of happening that will alter the direction and path of our kids and young adults.

As I stated back in September, changes are coming and they are going to be so profound that many that aren’t in on the bottom rung are going to try to place obstacles and speed bumps in our path.  Let me assure you of this one thing, if you have never been on the other side of a fight against a seasoned, salty Marine, prepare to put one in the loser column.

Marines are built to conquer any and everything opposed to them. We have already decided that the mission is for the greater good and nothing or no one is going to prevent us from accomplishing that.

I know it sounds like we are somewhat robotic and non-human, but if you have ever been around one of us when things have hit the fan and we are into attack mode, you would know what I say is true.

Also know that we have already dissected, analyzed and logically plotted the mission through completion with contingency plans a, b, c and d in the event we run into minor obstacles.

This is why I was very reluctant to enter into the various endeavors I am currently knee deep into now.

More importantly, God has directed me to engage because He has now equipped me with the necessary tools to become victorious and the people of St. Pete, namely the youth and young adults, need a true warrior, one that is motivated only by giving God the Glory and not filthy lucre and one that is built to completing the mission.

The last few weeks I was addressing pulpit authority and it may seem like I have side stepped parental engagement, but quite the contrary.

If you have been following along, you will know I broke down the percentages I believe as to whom to place the blame on our kids dysfunction, originally I think I said 60-30-10, but in my sermon a few weeks ago, the Lord led me to say 50-40-10, 50 percent the Church is at fault, 40 percent the parents, and 10 percent other, namely the school system, the penal system or whatever you want to place there.

So, if we fix the root or foundation, everything else will fit in its proper place.  It’s because parents think that they know how to raise their kids better than God that they have ventured outside the church and will of God and all hell and chaos has broken loose and now they want to cry they can’t hang no more and don’t know what to do.  If you had stuck with Jesus and His word, you wouldn’t be in this mess in the beginning, but God has intervened again.

Nov. 17 will be a historic, life-changing, paradigm-shifting day to mark on your calendars.  If you want help, here it is.

Never before has the School Board leadership decided to step outside the box and prove they want change for the better as much as we do.

Nov. 17, at John Hopkins Middle School will be the first of many forums for parental engagement.  It will be the first of its kind and will feature Dr. Karen Mapp, a Graduate of Harvard School of Education, coming back down to give us the tools, the blueprint that she used to turn around several failing schools in big cities like Washington D.C., Detroit and Chicago,  just to name a few.

It will start at 6 – 7:30pm.

In closing this week, here’s the sermon I preached on this subject back on Oct. 12.

Till next week,

God Bless.

Dr. Rob

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