COQEBS community meeting

Goliath J. Davis, III. Ph.D.

Parents and community members are invited and encouraged to join COQEBS President Rick Davis and its membership on June 1 and July 6, 6:30 p.m. at the Enoch Davis Center, 1111 18th Ave. S, for updates on the education of African-American students in the Pinellas School District.

Among the topics to be discussed are:  the status of the federal and state law suits against the district; the achievement gap between black and white students; why magnets schools are not the solution for the six failing elementary schools (Campbell Park, Fairmont Park, Lakeview, Maximo, Melrose, Sandy Lane); graduation rates for black students; discipline, and other issues of concern to parents and members of the community.

Our children and their futures are very important to all of us.  Please join President Ricardo Davis June 1 and July 6 both starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Enoch Davis Center for these very important updates.  Your attendance and participation are welcomed and important to these very significant discussions.  I thank you in advance for your participation and continued support.

Please mark your calendars!

Goliath J. Davis, III, Ph.D.

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