House fire follow-up

ST. PETERSBURG — In the October 29 edition of The Weekly Challenger, we published a story entitled “Benefit held for local victim of fire” detailing the loss one family endured when their house caught on fire back in July. The fire destroyed every earthly possession Diana Jackson and her husband owned.

Since we ran the article, many of you have stepped up and donated items to the family, helping them to reestablish their lives. The Jackson family would like to express to the community their heartfelt gratitude for your generous donations, and to make known that the spirit of those individuals has truly helped them survive the devastation.

On the Fourth of July, stray fireworks launched from a neighboring house landed on the Jackson’s wooden back porch. The fire started between the hours of 11 p.m. and midnight, as later reported by the fire marshal. However, it was not until around 3 a.m. that Jackson and her husband were awakened by the shouts of neighbors and the sounds of the fire.

The Jacksons escaped unscathed; however, the house and its contents were unsalvageable. Everything was lost in the fire, causing quite the predicament for Jackson, who is currently unemployed, and her husband, who retired several years ago.

Thanks to a benefit given in their honor and the donations our readers have given, the family is one step closer to moving out of their daughter’s home and into their own.  However, more is still needed to help this family get back on their feet.

Having escaped with only the nightclothes they were wearing, the Jackson family would greatly appreciate any assistance. If you would like to donate to this cause, please contact Jackson directly at (727) 564-0679 for additional information on this matter.

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