I AM Holy!


When I grew up in church, I thought that holiness was about the outward appearance. My concept of being holy had to do with what you wore (being completely covered from head to toe) and did not wear (make-up, jewelry). My idea of holiness was limited to the places that you did go (church, work, home, restaurants) and did not go (movies and clubs). According to the scriptures, holiness is not about doing; it’s about being (I Peter 1:16).

I learned that the word, holy, really means different. God is holy, holy, holy which means different, different, different. The I AM that I AM is different to the 3rd power and we called to be different. Through personal experiences and direct encounters with God, many prophets and prophetess recognized just how different God was (Isaiah 6:3).

God has always called his people to be holy by standing out and standing up for who they were (I Peter 2:9). Holiness is being. I AM holy right here and right now. Holy is not something that I have to become. I AM already holy because the I AM is a unique expression of the Divine. Being who God created me to be is holy. Living authentically is holy.  The more that I live from my divine center, the more I manifest the holiness that I AM.

Reflection Question – Are you comfortable describing yourself as holy? Why or why not?

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