I AM the Resurrection and the Life


One of the greatest demonstrations of the I AM is Jesus, the Christ, raising Lazarus from the dead. Other scriptural instances of people being raised from the dead happened immediately or shortly after the person was pronounced dead (I Kings 17:24, II Kings 4:35, Matthew 9:25, Luke 7:13-15, Acts 20:9-12). This resurrection from the dead was different from any other biblical account because it took place four days after Lazarus transitioned. Even the resurrection of Jesus from the dead was only three days after his crucifixion.

In this example, Jesus intentionally waited for days before he came to the family home or the gravesite. This was extremely unusual for a close friend of the family to wait this long to be supportive during a time of crisis.  Lazarus had been buried four days by the time Jesus arrived on the scene. Mary and Martha were angry with Jesus for his seeming late arrival because Lazarus’ body had begun to decompose, to produce a strong odor and rigor mortis had set in his bones.

Jesus was also very emotional about Lazarus’ transition and this is the first time that it is recorded that he wept (John 11:35). Despite his human emotions of sorrow and grief, Jesus was able to tap into his divinity through acknowledging the I AM of his being and speaking with authority, “I AM the resurrection and the life.”

When we follow Jesus’ example we speak life to families and resurrect estranged relationships. As we move past our feelings and recognize the I AM of our being, we bring life to our finances and resurrect from bankruptcy, repossessions and evictions. Through the I AM principle, we have the power to breathe life into our health and recover from sickness, pain and disease.

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