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A digitally inclusive city is one where all individuals have access to online resources, as well as the skills to use them meaningfully. This is necessary for lifelong learning, employment, civic participation, and the ability to reach to essential services. Though many individuals possess smart cellular phones, that is not enough to fully participate in the digital economy.

A formal collaboration of community partners concerned about digital inclusion started in December 2019 and was formalized in February 2020. With the onset of COVID-19, the Digital Inclusion working group pivoted from planning to address immediate needs. The group responded by expanding internet access, distributing laptops and tablets, and providing technical assistance. These efforts continue. At the same time, these community partners are resuming long-term planning that will be important to create a resilient community facing ongoing COVID-19 challenges and the upcoming hurricane season.

The Digital Inclusion Working Group is hiring a Project Coordinator to lead their efforts. The role will administratively report to the St. Petersburg Innovation District.


The Project Coordinator responsibilities will be:

1. Convene the working group. Tasks include hold online or in person meetings, track action items, recruit new partner organizations to join the working group.

2. Oversee the development of the working group’s website. Tasks include write text gather information from partners, conduct review meetings with the working group, assist the website developer in editing the final version.

3. Assist households with internet access. Tasks include become familiar with low-cost internet options, establish relationships with those providers, and provide support as needed to complete the paperwork for eligible individuals.

4. Manage the Gadgets for Good drive. Tasks include establish collection sites, market the program, work with the recycling partner to collect, refurbish and distribute devices.

5. Expand digital inclusion gap research. Tasks include develop an approach to gather additional data about digital inclusion gaps (specifically focused on place, race, and age), and a better understanding of the burden (costs) associated with having digital access, devices, and software.

6. Participate in the National Digital Inclusion Alliance. Tasks include connect with similar efforts around the country to gather lessons learned, gain insights on funding opportunities, and support national policy change efforts.

7. Research potential policy changes. Tasks include assist the working group in considering what policies should be changed or created to support efforts to close the digital literacy gap, learn about policy changes in other communities and their impact and bring to the working group.

8. Work with neighborhood leaders. Tasks include reach out to neighborhood leaders and others for ideas on how to address gaps, determine resources (how-to manual, support) needed to provide devices and training.

9. Pilot unique approaches. Tasks include support pilot projects to test Wi-Fi in the community.

Ideal candidates for the Project Coordinator position will demonstrate the following experience and personal qualities:

1. Possess an awareness of equity challenges and a commitment to address

2. Excellent written and oral communication skills

3. Self-starter with the ability to be organized and follow through on projects

4. Ability to work independently and as part of a team to get projects done

5. Attention to detail in tracking projects ensuring even small items are not overlooked or rushed

6. Previous experience in organizing materials, tracking, and meeting deadlines

7. A positive attitude and sense of humor

8. A roll up your sleeves approach where all work is valued

9. Commitment to treat everyone with patience and respect

10. Comfort with Microsoft Office and social media outlets such as Facebook and LinkedIn

11. Experience with video conferencing a plus

12. Ability to quickly learn new technologies

Additional Details:

1. This position is funded until November 30, 2020.

2. Compensation is $2,400 a month.

3. Laptop, office space, email and phone will be provided. Other equipment can be provided as needed.

4. Working hours and work location are flexible based on how the coordinator would like to accomplish the tasks.


To Apply:

Email a detailed resume and cover letter to and put Project Coordinator in the subject line. You will receive an email response to confirm receipt. Submissions are due by 5:00pm on June 26, 2020.

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