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ST. PETERSBURG – If you or someone you know needs health insurance, now’s your chance to sign up for quality and affordable coverage. Open enrollment in the federal health insurance marketplace is now available, and is easier than ever to complete.

“Open enrollment only happens once each year,” said Melanie Hall, executive director of The Family Healthcare Foundation. “Don’t miss your chance to get covered. Every year, and this one is no exception, the process of signing up for coverage gets simpler. You can even apply on your cell phone! During last year’s open enrollment, it took most people about 10 minutes to submit an application.”

Hall also noted that financial help is available. More than nine out of ten Floridians who enrolled in health coverage through qualified for financial help to make their monthly premiums more affordable. “Most people in Pinellas County can find plans available for less than $75,” she said.

Free confidential assistance is available in your community for anyone who needs help enrolling or re-enrolling, has questions or wants more information. Trained and certified health Navigators are available by appointment at multiple locations throughout Pinellas County and enrollment events are also held on some evenings and weekends. You also can call (813) 995-1066 to find free help near you, or visit

“Join many of your Pinellas County neighbors and friends who now have access to quality and affordable health care coverage,” said Hall. Dec. 15 is the deadline for coverage that starts Jan. 1, 2016. Open enrollment ends Jan. 31, 2016. “Don’t miss your chance to get covered,” she said. “If you choose not to buy health insurance this year, you may need to pay a tax penalty of $695 or more. That might be enough to buy coverage for the whole year!”

For more information, call (813) 995-1066.

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