Summer internships at SPHA

From left to right, front row: Jacques Kellog, Zaria Richardson, CEO Tony Love, Angel Sales
Second row: Jarvis Kellog, D’Asha Norwood, Henry Zimm, Charles Byrd 

ST. PETERSBURG – This summer, the St. Petersburg Housing Authority (SPHA) is introducing seven local young adults to work in a professional setting, as part of the Boley Centers’ Summer Youth Intern Program. SPHA has participated in this seasonal program since 2006, providing young people in the St. Petersburg community with a safe, constructive summer activity, a source of income, and structured work experiences. This year, however, marks the first time that all housing authority interns are also residents.

“I remember how important my first summer job as a kid was to me. For our younger residents especially, this first step into the workforce plays a significant role in shaping their lives and goals. At SPHA, we work to connect our residents with critical job training and educational opportunities and to assist them in achieving stability and success,” said Chief Executive Officer Tony L. Love.

Through the Boley Centers’ Summer Youth Intern Program, qualifying young adults, ages 16 to 21, are taught basic job skills under the direct supervision of experienced managers. The seven interns working for SPHA this summer either live in public housing developments or receive Section 8 / Housing Choice Voucher assistance.

They are assigned part-time positions across the agency’s administration, maintenance, and housing operations departments, lasting from June through August. Each intern earns a salary of $10 an hour, which is funded jointly by SPHA and the City of St. Petersburg.

Since 2006, SPHA has provided a total of 30 young adults with new skill sets in the areas of customer service, clerical, construction, and maintenance through this internship program. For more information about the Boley Centers’ Summer Youth Intern program, please visit

 About St. Petersburg Housing Authority (SPHA)

Founded in 1937, SPHA is one of the oldest housing authorities in the nation and is continually rated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a “High Performing” agency. SPHA provides housing assistance to qualifying low-income families within its service area, which includes the City of St. Petersburg and extends in a 10-mile radius outside of city limits. More information about SPHA’s programs and services can be found at

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